fillin (フィルイン)






“fillin” のロゴマークは,音楽や言葉や絵など,広く情感を表現するものに愛着を抱く私自身 [ = i ] を表すものとして,8分音符とクレヨンでシンボル化しました。

ちょうどドラムスが曲の繋ぎ目を埋めるような演奏をすることを fill-in” と呼ぶように, “fill” には,時間や空間,そして人の心までも満たすという意味があるそうで,その自由自在なイメージにとても魅了されます。




As a “Holiday Musician,” I enjoy writing music.

If we suppose that a professional musician is like drawing a picture with 500 colors of paint, I only have several colors to draw. Such as a kitchen garden where people “enjoy growing and taste the harvest” (from Japan Encyclopedia Complete Book), I put myself on the flow of my free time.

Fully grown vegetables can be shared with people in the neighborhood. Like that, it'll be my great pleasure if there's somewhere my music can exist.


The logo of “fillin” is designed to show myself [ = i ] who love things that widely express emotion such as music, words, and drawings. The eighth note and the crayon in the logo symbolize that.

“Fill-in” is a playing technique of drums that fills between the songs or music. The word “fill” means filling the time or space, and even fulfilling people's hearts. I'm really fascinated by its word's perfectly free impression.

To write and color such intangible things, a tool to do that would also be intangible, “a paintbrush of light.”


I think this is also a way to enjoy music.

  「500色の絵の具を使って~」のたとえは,福岡音楽村~history & live  Interview第14回(福岡のCM曲制作の巨匠一木弘行さんの回)からお借りしました。










This Place


The word “memory of future” attracts me. I know, it sounds a little strange. But for instance, if you wish for something to really happen, you would imagine a scene of it becoming true as a memory first and you somewhere in the future would wait for yourself coming along the path you aim for. I have a such interactive image for it.

What connects those two is a message of “continue.”


An encounter is like grabbing only one piece of diamond dust from enormous amount of it. The sympathies and honest surprise from people whom I have met depict precious scenes.

I would like to pick up the music flowing in that scenery and compose a music album as a mark of fruits they gave me.


The title of this website is “Paintbrush of Light.” It is my memory that has been decided long time ago.

What is your memory of future?


背景画像は,鶴崎亜紀子様のコラージュ作品「音符: Note」です。