Harvest  ー出会いの果実の収穫ー











夢を見させてくれる人たちという意味で, “illusionists” と括らせていただき,改めて感謝いたします。




“Hear,” “Listen,” and “Ask.”

In innumerable kinds of sounds that you hear with your ears, when did you find out that there is something special called music?

When did you clearly start to listen to it?

Do you sometimes ask the music itself why a phrase makes you so moved?


The structure of words and music that our ancestors have organized and inherited to us.

If music is composed of those outcomes, maybe music is not something that humans make spontaneously. It could be the words and music that are acting behind us not to end this flow of creative actions.


All the musicians and translators who have many kinds of paint in their pockets colored the music pieces released on this website.

Also, the cover designs that imitated a CD package are made of all those great pictures and illustrations.

I call them “illusionists,” meaning the people who make me see a dream, and I would like to thank them all again.


What I can do is to only sow seeds on the special time and place of our encounter.

Please listen to the music that is like grown with water, sunlight, and nutriment.



About English Lyrics


All the songs have Japanese lyrics and English translation, and English Lyrics and Japanese translation.

English lyrics can contain more details than Japanese, and sometimes there is no corresponding concept between the two languages.

Therefore, it is often difficult to have completely the same English lyrics that correspond to the Japanese lyrics. I consider the world of English lyrics written by the translator is another story that has a wider story than Japanese lyrics.

背景画像は,鶴崎亜紀子様のコラージュ作品「皿: Dish」です。