If you build it, he will come. So, I came here.

Dear Bogleheads,


I respect all of you keeping an eye on Vanguard for a long time with full of warmth and sometimes with severity.


Do you know that there is fund of funds in Japan investing on 8 index funds of Vanguard?

That is Saison Vanguard Global Balanced Fund operated by Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd. In 2017, they reached their 10th anniversary year since they joined the partnership with Vanguard.

Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd. aims to be Vanguard of Japan. To make a true long-term investment establish in Japan, they have their concept “Walk without rushing.” and suggest going on a trip of long-term investment with a ride on “Saison,” a long-distance train.

I think the scenery we can see from that train is the abundance of whole global economy and a rich life of each person joining there.


A wonderful event such as “Boglehead Conference” hasn' t been held in Japan yet, but I can see that a good and close relationship has been built between Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd. and customers who agree to that idea.

Of course, Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd. refrain from advertising that can strain customers, so I made a song “Long Distance Train” to show respect to them as one passenger on the train.

I assume this story is understandable for you all who actively help to unload luggage when Vanguard crews arrived for an event.


At last, as Vanguard’s motto says, “If you build it, he will come.” I' m very glad to know Vanguard and you all in this place, distant from where you are.

Thank you very much.


March 2018,

 Japan FSAP (Fukuoka Saison Passenger) fillin